Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medium?
A medium is someone who is sensitive to the Spirit world. Medium's tune into the energy of spirits using extrasensory perception more commonly know as their gift to feel, see, and hear Spirit. 

What is a psychic?

A psychic is someone who is sensitive in tuning into the energy of people mostly through intuition. Psychic's use their extrasensory perception's to tune into the past, present, and future.

Are all psychic's medium's?
No, not all psychic's can communicate with the Spirit world. But all medium's are psychic.

Are you a psychic and a medium?
Yes, I am very sensitive to the Spirit world and to the energies of people. I rely on both of my sensitivities to Spirit and people to deliver messages from our loved ones.

What are your sixth senses to Spirit?
There are three basic senses that medium possesses. They are clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

What is clairvoyance?
Clairvoyance is French for "clear seeing" and thus allow's medium's to be impressed visually by Spirit. These visual's may come as quick vision's or thoughts.

What is clairaudience?
Clairaudience is French for "clear hearing" and the medium will hear words, names, and phrases from Spirit in their mind. It is very similar to hearing the words of a song played in your head. 

What is clairsentience?
Clairsentience is French for "clear feeling" which is usually the strongest of the senses medium's possess as it require's less energy between the communicative process between Spirit and the medium. Feeling the energy of a person or walking into a room and feeling the energy is a clear example of how this sense works for medium's.

What does Spirit usually want us to know?
Spirit is LOVE and POSITIVE energy. Our loved ones always want to show their love and support for us living here in the physical world. They want us to remember that they are always with us during the good and difficult times in our lives. Their love is unconditional. Lastly, our loved ones always want us to know that they're well and very happy. 

Do I need to prepare for a reading?
I like this question. There is no real homework prior to a reading. It is best to be open to receiving a reading as this will allow for the communicative process to be more fluid for me. Keep the energy of your loved ones on your mind and jot down any question's you may have prior to our session. It's good to know that not all messages I convey will make sense right away. Be patient and know that your loved ones have your best interest at heart and that some messages will make sense later down the road. 

How do you give a reading over the phone?
I use your vocal energy from your voice to tune into the energy of you and your loved ones in Spirit.  

Do you believe in God?
Yes, I do. I grew up Roman Catholic and God is very important to me.