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50 Minute Reading $150

Current Rates: $100 for 30 Minutes or

                           $150 for 50 Minutes
*All readings are done during Eastern Standard Time (EST) on weekdays and certain weekends by phone or in-person in Fairfax, Virginia.

By scheduling and or paying for a reading with Carlos you state you have read and agree to the terms of use in the Disclaimer.


I had a wonderful reading with Carlos. My late parents and husband
came through, and he described them perfectly His messages were
not only uplifting, but also practical, and included good advice. I
​highly recommend having a reading with Carlos!

                                                                                  - Sally Fallon Morell

Carlos is a gifted psychic medium with a caring, genuine heart for his
​clients. During our recent reading, he accurately described situations and relatives – even a few I didn’t know in this lifetime! It gave me great comfort that my beloved family and friends are safe and happy and supporting me in my endeavors. I highly recommend Carlos for anyone seeking assurances that their loved ones on the other side are closer than they think. Thank you, Carlos, for sharing your gifts with the world. Blessings,

- Daria Anne DiGiovanni

 "I have had several telephone readings from Carlos. He is always respectful with relaying the information that he receives. Carlos was able to connect with my late parents and has given me objects to look for as a sign of them. To this day when I see the object, it brings such a sense of comfort knowing that I was able to not only know that this was specifically from my late parents but to also know that I was lucky enough to receive this message through readings with Carlos. He is definitely helping me with my journey with life decisions, career decisions, and of course connecting with my loved ones."

- Caren

"I had a loving reading from Carlos: I was very drawn in from the start and also pleased that one of my relatives came through him to talk to me. The reading is still with me every day: transformational and to the point. Thank you, Carlos!"

- Cj Neuman

"My reading over the phone with Carlos was very helpful. My dad came through with guidance for me to move forward on resolving an issue, and I was inspired to work with my siblings until we actually resolved it. It helped us all let go of some past feelings, bringing us closer together. I'm ever grateful for Carlos' gift of mediumship. 

- Emily K.

"I was in a confused place in my life and was worried about what was going to happen and how to proceed. I have never personally met Carlos but someone dear to me had spoken about him and his ability. I had a reading over the phone and was surprised by some of the things he said and knew never having met me. Carlos has a high regard for honesty and compassion and I truly appreciate the things he saw in regards to my life and have already found some to come to pass.

- Linda B.

"I had my first reading with Carlos a few months ago on the recommendation of another medium. His energy is warm and thoughtful and I immediately felt at ease. I was going through a divorce and 3 of my family members had recently passed away. Carlos immediately connected to my family in spirit and gave me one of the most beautiful messages I have ever received from my grandmother about going "home" to the mountains of Appalachia to heal my broken heart. It gave me great hope for the future and I am deeply grateful."  

- Robin P.